Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Day 32 - 22k - Vendas de Naron

The smell of cow shite is making me homesick. The Albergye we stayed in last night had 22 beds. At least half the punters would have passed their snoring exams in flying colours. There was a big German chap that went for a snooze in the afternoon and before long he was snoring like a chain-saw. I was a bit concerned when I saw that he was on his side and already creating a racket. I was in the bed next to his so I wasn't looking forward to sunset. There was a Polish couple above me that were wetting themselves with yer man snoring in the afternoon. The irony wasn't lost on me when it transpired that the chap from Poland turned out to be a powerful snorer himself  and his partner had to slap him on the jaw in the middle if the night to slow him down. The poor German chap beside me had a relatively quiet night in comparison to his neighbors. Sometime before 6 am somebody's alarm went off playing some soft music with running water. The sort you'd hear in a health spa (I've seen a documentary). The alarm then switched to The Turtles and that nearly finished before he switched the alarm off. "So Happy Together" me arse. Gaby who normalcy doesn't hear a thing at night didn't get much sleep for a change. I listened to another few chapters of a good autobiography called Gypsy Boy read by the author Mikey Walsh. It is very good and tells the story of Gypsy family  that came to England during the war to escape the pogroms in Europe. Went out for a pilgrim's meal and had a trout that was too big for the plate. The Ribena was good too. Had a chat again with Niall from Fermoy last night at the Albergue about a new film called The Way with Martin Sheen which is set on the Canino Frances. He thinks that this is the year to do the Camino Frances as next year it will be crawling with Americans. Had another short day today, 23 Kms. The Camino seemed crowded today with these 100k pilgrims that have their luggage transported. The problem is that they walk in threes and talk non-stop and you can't get past. It's worse than a 10-mile sponsored walk that I did over 40 years ago in Kilkenny.

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