Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Day 33 - 28k - Melide - Sedantary Western Lifestyle

Headed off at 6.45 am this morning through a heavy fog but it wasn't cold unlike the fog on the mountain a few mornings ago. Walked for only half an hour before we found breakfast which was good so Gaby didn't have to go through her "I'm not leaving this town until I find coffee" routine. Enjoyed the walk today much more than yesterday. Didn't seem as crowded. Finished the Gypsy Boy book on the walk which was very good as well as being a bit harrowing as it was full of family violence. Made a few stops for nourishment and arrived at the Municipal Albergue in Melide which is quite big but appears to have been recently renovated. Only 50 Kms left now which is 2 full days walking by our average. I believe that you can get quite a decent certificate in Santiago in Latin if you say that you have undertaken the Camino for religious or spiritual reasons. Otherwise, you get a plain old English one. I'll have to look up "spiritual renewal" in the Spanish dictionary. That should swing it. I won't bother with throwing in "abandoning the sedantary Western lifestyle" because then they'll know I'm a chancer.

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