Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Day 34 - 27k - Brea - Bed Bugs

Went across the road from the Albergue for a bite to eat last night. We went up market on a couple of glasses of wine. They had wireless Internet and played decent music so we were set. Won't say much about the Albergue last night apart from the fact that it was like sleeping in a marquee with the racket that went on. As a result we were on the road at 6.20 am, the earliest start yet. It was a very enjoyable walk today and we seem to gave missed the crowds again. Most of the pilgrims we saw were the same people we have seen in the last 3-5 weeks. We stopped a couple of Kms short of the plan today but only about 22 Kms to walk tomorrow. Not sure what's going to happen tomorrow when I get to Santiago. Throw away my crutches (walking poles) in a fit of religious fervor or buy a CD of Carlos Nunez who hails from these parts. Might have a go at the CD. Another fine day today. Only 1 day of rain in the 5 weeks and another day of sun showers. We had one evening when the skies opened for a couple of hours but we had just escaped that by a couple of minutes.
Some of the Albergues give you paper sheets and pillow cases. I am assuming that this is to reduce the risk of being bitten by bugs or of transporting them. They seem to be a bit of a problem on The Camino. On the first night back in St Jean, Marion from Berlin said that it was too early in the year for them and they are only a problem in September. She had done the Camino before so Gaby was delighted to hear this as she had spent a couple of weeks reading up on them on the net. She washed our silk sheets for the sleeping bags in some bug repellant stuff she found on the net but we both reacted to it very badly. My lips started swelling up; thought it might turn into a scene from The Exorcist for a moment there. Anyway, the sheets were washed another 5 times to make them habitable. We only heard of bugs one night on the Camino and that was in the Benedictine Convent in Leon which up to that was getting rave reviews. I stayed in the Municipal Albergue that night. So, with one night to go I can say we had a good run on the bug front. Santiago will probably be invaded by locusts tomorrow.

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